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Learning for the 21st Century

France 2014


As I write this blog, the children are enjoying activities outside, probably dead on their feet after a long day travelling. After a seamless journey there were gasps of wonder when the children turned into Chateau du Broutel’s drive; the sun was shining and it looked a picture. All have made their mark in their rooms and have had a good evening meal (three choices!) – one boy even made a special effort to thank the chef! The weather is set fair for tomorrow’s visit to the Musee d’Albert and the Somme! All will sleep well tonight. Bonne nuit!


A good night’s sleep was followed by terrific day! A wealth of fascinating visits supporting our understanding about World War 1 was on today’s agenda. First on the menu was the vast Lochnagar Crater followed by a visit to a German cemetery. The seemingly infinite number of names engraved on the Thiepval Memorial was breathtaking and moving as was the visit to the battlefields. I was really proud of how the children showed an interest and proffered their knowledge at the museum in Albert; our guide was really impressed. As I type this blog, the children are sitting around a campfire, marshmallows poised to toast before they turn in for the evening. À demain!


Stirring the children into action proved to be a challenge this morning. All have slept well throughout the holiday so far. After a good breakfast, it was straight into mayonnaise making. The chef’s demonstration was in French and tested our language skills. Nonetheless all the teams produced commendable results and some children’s natural culinary skills shone through. Spot the winners in their chef’s hats in the photo below! Our trip to the market also put the children’s language skills to the test. The boulangerie’s stocks took quite a hammering, much to the pleasure of Madame! An afternoon back at the Chateau offered a multitude of physical activities. The rain did not put us off and all came back suitably energised….and wet! The scavenger hunt burned out our final energies this evening  – as I type I can hear the final murmurings of everyone settling down for the night. Check out our gallery for more photos!



As the final curtain closes on our French adventures, we look back at a fabulous week which has been inspiring and rewarding. What a great team we have been. Today the sunshine has enhanced our outdoor activities and made the trip to the goat farm a heart-warming event. The chocolate-making experience was brought to life by the appearance of comedian - Jacques ‘Chocolat’, pictured below. Now to prepare for the trip home….packing with a mixture of excitement and sadness.  Bon voyage to us all!