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Learning for the 21st Century

France 2016

Monday evening:  'What a smooth journey!  We travelled in the style; the Notts County team bus to be precise!  The sight of the Chateau Broutel was met with comments of incredulity:  “Can we stay here for ever?” “It’s a palace!” Three choices for dinner: beef, salmon or chicken!  As I type this, the children are working it off with some team games.  Everyone is happy and having a great time.  Tomorrow we visit the Somme and the Musee d’Albert and the Somme! All will sleep well tonight. Bonne nuit!'  Mrs Moore.

Tuesday morning:  Everyone had a good night's sleep and are waking up and getting ready for thought provoking day.

Tuesday:  We were up with the lark after a peaceful night; many looked jaded causing some to catch an extra few minutes sleep on the coach.  The lovely weather reflected the excellent day we had.  The children were a credit to Windhill21 in terms of their curious interest and all-round respectful behaviour, which was commented on.  Our guide at the museum in Albert was really impressed with the children’s knowledge.  The seemingly infinite number of names engraved on the Thiepval Memorial was breathtaking and moving as was the visit to the battlefields.  The children were astonished when they saw the vast Lochnagar Crater.  As I type this blog, the children partaking in a quiz; I hope it’s on World War 1 – they would do really well!  À demain!

Wednesday evening:  What a stunning morning in such beautiful grounds; just the morning for outdoor activities. The children had to work collaboratively in some of the activities and be risk-taking in others. It was a pleasure to see most children ‘having a go’ and succeeding.

After a well-earned lunch at the chateau, it was off to the goat farm where the children saw the working farm and brushed up their French with a goat’s cheese demonstration from Madame Elaine. She was so taken with the children’s enthusiasm and respect for the animals, she asked them to write to her when they got back. Once again, the children showed a Growth Mindset approach to translating the French language and tasting the goat’s cheese. The Chocolate Factory as another experience altogether where Monsieur ‘Chocolat’ put on an entertaining and informative performance.

As I type, the children’s torches are at the ready for the Scavenger Hunt. They will sleep well again tonight!  More photos are in the gallery

Thursday evening (8.20pm):  A group camp fire is the perfect ending to an inspiring and rewarding week. What a great team we have been.   Today the sunshine has enhanced our outdoor activities and made the trip to the market a pleasure. The learning from this week has been more than at face value: children had to budget their money; be independent when organising themselves and take account of the time for their meals and activities.  Working as a team was key in our mayonnaise making this morning.  Now to prepare for the trip home….packing and showering tonight before settling down to sleep.  See you tomorrow!

Friday (4pm):  Back in the UK and hoping the traffic isn't too bad!