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Learning for the 21st Century

Mrs Moore's updates:

Day 5- Friday 8.45am:  Packed up and ready to go after a good sleep. Goodbye Chateau du Broutel!

Day 4 - Thursday 7.30pm:  Bonfire night tonight after which all the children will be packing to go home. Just been in some of their bedrooms and some look as though they have a mountain to climb; clothes exploded everywhere. The children have had a great day – they were so independent in the market where they used their French enthusiastically and spent wisely. We have been so lucky with the weather which made the setting of the chateau breath-taking and ideal for outdoor activities this afternoon. One more night and we will be homeward-bound!

Day 4 - Thursday:  6.23am and all the children are asleep; yesterday’s outdoor activities have taken their toll! A quiet night poised ready for a full-on day. Mayonnaise-making followed by the French market. It has been impressive how the children have been trying to use their French and this will be a great opportunity to extend that today….

Day 3 - Wednesday 7.30pm:  A full-on day. Overcoming obstacles, abseiling and using initiative were on the menu this morning; the children showed their resilience, problem-solving abilities and lots of freshly caked mud on their clothes! After a hearty lunch at the chateau to regain their strength, it was time to venture out to the farm. The children revealed how astoundingly respectful they were and demonstrated such care for the animals; they were keen to learn about the farm and cheese-making. Many children took the plunge and showed risk-taking by tasting the sophisticated taste of the cheese. Then chocolate was on the menu and once again the children did us all proud by listening attentively. In the grounds under the cover of dusk, I can hear their excited jubilations as they succeed in their mission on the scavenger hunt. Until tomorrow…..

Day 3 - Wednesday 8.30am:  A later start this morning and the children have taken advantage of it – they have slept in!! A quiet night and all well. Following a regimented room inspection, they have breakfasted and started to take part in the activities at the chateau; hopefully the clouds will clear! Chocolate and goats this afternoon – what a mix!

Day 2 - Tuesday 7.30pm:  Good evening!  Would you credit it, the tuck shop was closed this evening! Apart from that disappointment, the children have been buoyant and a credit to Windhill21 School; our guide, Brigitte, said that she was impressed with the children's knowledge and excellent listening skills they are now experts. Among the many of the profound moments was finding the name of a relative of Leah's and Mrs Smith's on Thiepval memorial. Quiz night tonight! So far this group have been amazing, not only in terms of being engaged and interested but working as a team to keep their rooms tidy and organised. Long may this attitude last!

Day 2 - Tuesday 6.30am:  Good morning all! A good night’s sleep at the chateau; all the children slept well and there were no disturbances – phew!  All still excited - so much so that some children are oblivious to the floors littered with strewn clothes! Off for breakfast and then off to the battlefields.

Day 1 - Monday:  Whilst I write this update, the children are enthusiastically taking part in their team games activities. The journey down was seamless and the weather held fair. We went to Boulogne Old Town and even ventured into the cathedral; all the children were interested and respectful. What a lovely place Boulogne is. After settling into our rooms, it was soon dinnertime which was given a big thumbs up - three choices, pudding or fruit (or both) – the dining room was fit for kings and queens as you can see in the photos. Holding my breath now at the thought of how the bedtime ‘routine’ will go…may be a long evening. Will update you in the morning!